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Is gemini an amoral sign, generally speaking?

This movie has the potentials to polarize the audience like few before. Obviously there are people who like it and people who don't like it but the challenge in 'Sign Gene' is that it goes to the extremes by exciting it with a continue presentation of unfamiliar topics such as deaf history, culture while speaking in languages unknown to most people and introduces a psychedelic narration into mainstream culture leaving behind those who cannot follow it so negative responses based on ignorance might come out.

It's hard to describe how good this movie is but it really is that good. I thoroughly enjoyed this film very much. One of the very few films that shows the real spirit of the very low budget indie cinema, only $25k, and sticks closely to the deaf cores' values behind and on the screen. As a film lover, I regard 'Sign Gene' as one of my favorites..

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Never seen a film with more than three signed languages, American Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Italian Sign Language and three spoken languages, English, Japanese and Italian, all well combined to each other. Definitely a real challenge for the creators of the film yet they made it. All actors were authentic with their own language unlike many other films. We enjoyed watching the film, definitely inspiring for new ideas, amazing work! Joseph.. Sign général

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